UG Land is one of the former Park areas of Alton towers lasting from 1999 to 2009. The area started as festival park where Corkscrew resided alongside other rides such as 1001 Nights, Enterprise and Junior Flyer (Bouncing Bugs). The area was aging fast against some of the other themed areas like X-Sector and Forbidden Valley so in 1999 Festival Park was re-themed to UG land. The area was given a prehistoric theme and most of the rides were re-themed into the UG land area such as Astro Dancer into Dino Dancer, Junior Flyer into Ug Bugs and Wave Swinger into Ug Swinger. There was only one new attraction added to the area which was a pay-per-play game called Soakasaurus. Some of the first street theatre in Alton Towers premiered in UG land. It was the Ug Family travelled around the area in a stone age fire engine with a special hose.    

Both Enterprise and Energiser were relocated to X-Sector where they stayed until 2001 when Energiser was relocated back to UG land Where it was rethemed to Boneshaker. Also in 2001 Dino Dancer left the park to be replaced by Boneshaker. Not much changed in UG land until September 2004. Nearly all of the flat rides except Ug Swinger and Soakasaurus were removed to make way for something big but out of place. The next year, Rita: Queen of Speed Stormed into UG land bringing with it the Thunder Rock Rally. The coaster is an Intamin launch coaster themed to 50's drag racing. The area was a theming nightmare because of the contrasting prehistoric and drag racing brought by Rita.    

In 2008, the end was near for UG land. At the end of the year, Alton Towers made the tough decision to close Corkscrew, after 28 years of service. Alton Towers held a special event for the Corkscrew's final run. Along with the Ug Swinger being moved to Cloud Cuckoo Land and being re-themed to Twirling Toadstool, UG land was a shadow of It's former self. Then in 2010, Along with the opening of Thirteen, UG land was rethemed to the Dark Forest.     

Rides Edit


Ug Bugs (Bouncing Bugs)



Ug Swinger (Twirling Toadstool)

Dino Dancer (Dynamo)


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