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Forbidden Valley is an area of the park in Alton Towers.It is themed around a frightening post-apocalyptic landscape, with large rocks and rusty pieces of metal and machinery scattering the area and also waterfalls coloured red to look like blood.

One of the major rides is Nemesis, an inverted steel roller coaster, based around the fictional tale of a giant, ancient, malevolent, alien creature which is now incorporated into the new ride: Nemesis: Sub-Terra. Nemesis itself is consistently regarded as one of the most well-designed rollercoasters in the world in major, global rollercoaster polls.

Also in the area, and continuing the apocalyptic theme, are the Ripsaw and The Blade thrill rides. Ripsaw is a Huss Top Spin ride which opened in 1997 themed around a piece of shrapnel, supposedly thrown from the alien creature's pit, while The Blade is an older Huss Pirate Boat themed around a pendulum blade. At the end of the valley is an "oasis", with calmer colours and plants, where the ride Air, the world's first B&M flying coaster, can be found. A Skyride station also serves this area of the park.

Rides Edit

  • Air
  • The Blade – a swinging ship that opened 1980 (relocated 1997 from Fantasy World, now X-Sector); height restriction 1.1 m (3 ft 7 in).
  • Nemesis
  • Ripsaw

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