Adventure Land is an area of the park which was formed in 1996 by the splitting of Kiddies Kingdom into Storybook Land and Adventure Land.

It is located in an area of the park aimed mainly at families and consists of family coasters as well as a selection of play equipment. The main ride is Spinball Whizzer, based on the hit SEGA video game franchise Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic Spinball was previously known as Spinball Whizzer until the name change in 2010 when Alton bought a contract with SEGA. Opened 2004, re-themed 2010., it has now been converted back to Spinball Whizzer It is a Maure Sohne spinning roller coaster, in which riders sit in carts that can spin on their base whilst traveling at speed around the twisted track. There is one other attraction, the Space Adventures playground.

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